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Who We Are?

Some Things You Should Know About Us

A Little About Us

We are a small team focused on delivering quality software. We started out not to be "another vendor" on the block but to really have a fresh and an honest fresh approach on meeting customer needs. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to turn around projects and services quickly, utilizing an offshore model based in India that allows us to operate on a decent pricing model without compromising quality. Our team of talented developers, testers and dev ops have good experience in working on fast paced projects leveraging agile methodologies; methodologies like Test Driven Development (TDD) for developing code and Behaviour Drive Development ( BDD) for Automation Testing that gives us an edge over traditional teams and help in delivering quality service.

Our Main Skills

We have what it takes

Our team of talented individuals bring in expertise in areas of web development and automation testing.

Java, Spring, Springboot, Spring-Data, Spring-Security, Hibernate, REST

Microservices Architecture

Angular.js, NodeJS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3

Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Apache suite (Solr, Camel, Shiro), Rules Management Sytems (Drools)

Automation Testing (Cucmber, Sellenium)

Continuous Integration (Jenkins)

Amazon AWS (EC2,ELB,EBS, CloudFormation, CloudRunner..), Digital Ocean

Docker, Dockerhub



Pretty Good

Super Hero

Our Services

Fast delivery to market


We build small to medium scaled enterprise software with quality front end and robust backend.

Test Automation

We build automation test scripts for your software to help with regression and timely release.


We provide resources on need basis to help with development work, automating tests or dev ops.


We are just getting started





Our Latest Work

"Utilize strengths and work around weaknesses".


Why Choose Us?

3 Reasons Why We Are The Best


Iterative approach and employing agile methodologies gives us the desired velocity to deliver.


Constant customer feedback in iterative loops ensures quality and timely course corrections.


Full Java stack, Cucumber Testing, Continuous Integration, Amazon AWS.